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Ethan Quote

ETHAN USLAN (pronounced "Yoo-slin") is one of the hottest names on the ragtime/traditional jazz scene today. The first place winner of the 2007 World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest (Peoria, Ill.), Uslan has performed on NPR's A Prairie Home Companion as well as various concerts and festivals nationwide. Uslan studied classical piano as a child in South Orange, N.J. and later majored in classical piano performance at Indiana University. All the while, Uslan secretly harbored a ragtime addiction and complimented his classical piano studies by learning to play like Fats Waller, Jelly Roll Morton, and George Gershwin.

After college, Uslan found his way to Charlotte, North Carolina, where he has enjoyed playing all over town, including with the Charlotte Symphony. In addition to giving concerts and accompanying silent movie screenings, Ethan has served as adjunct visiting lecturer of music at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. He has recorded three CDs as well several silent film scores on DVD. When not playing piano, Ethan enjoys reading mystery novels and spending time with his wife and two sons.

Ethan has competed in the World Championship since 2005, winning in 2007 and advancing to the finals six times.

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