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Welcome to the official web site of The Entertainers, a documentary moving picture about the musicians of the World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest.

For thirty-five years, piano players from across the world have strapped on their bow ties, arm garters, and straw boater hats and descended on Peoria, Illinois to battle for the title of World's Greatest Old-Time Piano Player.

With humor, passion and an unsurpassed devotion to the old-time music, specifically ragtime, these players compete to claim glory and to remind the world that ragtime, the first truly American popular music, should not be forgotten just yet.

Faye Ballard
Jim Boston
Bill Edwards
Four Arrows
Adam Swanson
Ethan Uslan

Directed & Produced by .... Michael Zimmer
  .... Nick Holle
Executive Producers .... Brent Watkins
  .... Charlie Stickney
  .... Carl Shephard
  .... Seth Hedrington
Co-Producers .... Paul Hogseth
  .... Derek Keyeski
  .... Aaron Kogan
Edited by .... Charlie Stickney
Cinematography by .... Derek Keyeski
Original Music by .... Seth Podowitz


©2013 The Entertainers, LLC. All Rights Reserved.