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Pioneered in the late 19th century, ragtime dominated the American popular music scene from 1897 to 1917. Composers such as Scott Joplin, James Scott, Joseph Lamb and many others used syncopated (or "ragged") rhythms to create vibrant, infectious music that has been called the most technically difficult music there is to play.

The first natively American pop music, ragtime led to the development of the modern music industry, and laid the foundation of jazz, rhythm & blues, and rock & roll. It's a vital part of our cultural heritage, and has experienced many revivals over the past 100 years.

The Entertainers features many of the crowd-pleasing favorites from the ragtime era, many of which are featured on the film's soundtrack album, Music From The Entertainers. See the complete track list of the album below, and hear samples of each song to the right. You can buy the album from our store here.

Song Title Performer Time
  1. The Chevy Chase Sue Keller  3:24
  2. St. Louis Blues Ethan Uslan  2:34
  3. Pork and Beans Faye Ballard  2:55
  4. The Entertainer Brent Watkins  4:09
  5. Maple Leaf Rag Adam Swanson  3:01
  6. Peg O' My Heart Four Arrows  3:06
  7. Row Row Row Bill Edwards  3:25
  8. Porto Rico Bill Edwards  4:07
  9. Eatin' Chocolates Brent Watkins  3:11
10. Some of These Days Ethan Uslan  4:09
11. The Lion Tamer Faye Ballard  2:56
12. Royal Garden Blues Faye Ballard  1:40
13. Too Much Mustard Bill Edwards  2:51
14. I'm Sorry I Made You Cry Four Arrows  3:03
15. St. Louis Blues Four Arrows  4:09
16. Peoria Bill Edwards & Ethan Uslan  3:28
17. Take Your Girlie to the Movies Jim Boston  3:32
18. Higher Ground Truth Be Told  2:21
19. Solace Sue Keller  2:54
20. Bill Bailey Adam Swanson  3:40
21. The Entertainer Ethan Uslan  3:17
22. King Chanticleer Adam Swanson  3:45
23. Canadian Capers Adam Swanson  3:44
24. Carolina Tar Heel Ethan Uslan  2:45


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